Motor Yachts For Sale

Buying a yacht has never been easier. Using our YachtLink service, you can find the right yacht with speed and precision. Register with us now and get started. With a wide range of motor yachts for sale all you have to do is fill in your requirements and we will match you with appropriate Yachts from across our site. You can save your search details to receive live updates of listings that match your criteria from across the world. Or if you find the yacht of your dreams straight away, you can start purchase proceedings immediately.

No payments are made though MotorYachting. We simply provide the tools to allow you to find your yacht and get in touch with the owner.

First time buyers should take plenty of time to assess their options as there is a lot of information to consider. But if you are up to date with everything listed below, you are ready to buy:

What are you looking for in a yacht? - Yachts of course come in all different shapes and sizes, and you should spend plenty of time finding one that is meets your needs. Are you looking for romantic retreats where one double bed is enough or holidaying with a large party who all need somewhere to sleep? Size naturally has a significant effect on price, so only buy for the party you plan on sailing with. Are you likely to spend most of your time moored in a marina, only taking to sea on quiet afternoons? Then a high-performance exploration yacht is probably surplus to requirements. Likewise, if you are looking for more adventure then your yacht must meet certain criteria.

Price - Lots of factors have a bearing on price and finding what you want with a budget in mind is vital. Yachting is a serious investment and an expensive pastime, so be sure you are buying the Yacht that you want. Spending low to make a saving is unwise, as reselling is far from cost-effective and the experience of owning a yacht will be prevalent for far longer than the initial saving. There is also a cost behind maintaining your yacht and employing a crew, so make sure you are aware of this before investing, particularly in a larger boat.

Performance – Any yacht worth its salt will perform well. As an industry built on high quality products, Yachts must be well constructed, and manufacturers can guarantee a high performance. With a reputable name behind it, you won’t have to worry about your boat lacking in seaworthiness. It is common practice to have a marine surveyor assess the yacht before any offer is confirmed. This procedure is done at the buyer’s expense. Surveying the boat will identify any problems from major issues pertaining to functionality to minor cosmetic wear. This will have an affect on the yachts market value depending on the severity of the issue as well as the cost of repair and the vessels general condition.

As a general rule, a seller will want to see a deposit and/or a written contract before considering a trial. It is ultimately at the broker’s discretion as to whether they offer a trial at all but if performance is key to your decision making, then it is a conversation worth considering. The deposit is usually set at around 10% of the full asking price.

Once the yacht has been inspected and you are satisfied with the outcome of the survey, you will have the opportunity to sign an acceptance. This document is a written agreement that you will purchase the yacht, from this point onwards your deposit is locked in and is non-refundable.

Post-purchase - During post purchase you should consider finding a suitable berth/storage facility, crew, maintenance specialist and charter management, amongst other things.