Terms and Conditions of using this site

Motoryachting.com (owned and run by Super Yachting Limited, registered in the United Kingdom, company number 09733218) is a free listing site. and as such no money changes hands between you, the customer and us, the site owner unless you take up paid advertising services.

Free listings

We offer listing services, free of charge for motor yachts of any description. You are not restricted to listing one yacht at a time. You may also provide charter facilities for your yacht if you do not wish to sell.  We also provide listing services to find people to crew your yacht, or for you to advertise your services as a crew member, or to advertise your yachting related business services.  In all cases, we are simply putting the seller in touch with the buyer. Whilst we review every listing which appears on the site for defamatory content, spam, etc, we are not and shall not be liable for the accuracy of the listings. It is your responsibility to confirm what you are buying or selling and confirm with whom you are communicating and arrange viewing etc as required.

Any copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights mentioned in any listing are intended to describe the yacht or service being sold and in no way links Motoryachting.com to those trademarks or rights holders.

When listing pictures on the site, they should be only of the boat or yacht you are selling and not stock photography which represents something similar to or a facsimile of what you are selling. When offering crew services, any photograph must be primarily of  the potential crew member and you must obtain permission from anyone else in the photo to have it listed publicly on this site. Super Yachting Limited will not be held liable for any photos shown on the site where the member has not received appropriate permission to display such photos

Listing practices

To ensure all members and viewers get an enjoyable and hassle free experience using the site, please provide clear, honest and accurate descriptions and do not display product or service information within a picture or image.

MotorYachting.com reserves the right to prevent from display or to cease from further display  any listing it deems breaches either the spirit of, or the letter of these guidelines (under its sole discretion). There shall be no advertising or linking to other websites via any descriptive information. Any member carrying out these activities may have their membership revoked

The Sale and Purchase Process

Once you have made contact with a seller, your communication will be through the site. Any attempts to circumvent this may result in your account access being suspended or permanently revoked. 

Reporting something unusual

If you see a listing that you think is wrong, please get in touch with us. Whilst we  review the listings, they are reviewed from a general content perspective not an accuracy perspective. Use the contact us facility on the site to let us know.