Sell A Yacht - Sell A Boat

Letting people know that you have a yacht which can be sold or hired is the main aim of Traditionally, Yacht Brokers have their expenses, and these are paid by the yacht seller. The broker will discuss their fee with you prior to committing to any form of service. The difference with our brokerage service is that we do not currently charge a fee, we simply connect yacht sellers to yacht buyers.

You can even choose to charter your yacht whilst waiting to sell it. You may then find that regular income from chartering might affect your selling decision but by listing it for sale and for charter, it will appear in both search systems and so you get the best chance of some activity. Selling is easy! All you need to do is provide recent photographs and as much information as you can like, number of cabins, berths, engine information, navigation equipment, safety equipment, entertainments, basically anything that will help sell your yacht.

The great news is that you may list as many yachts as you like totally FREE until December 2018!

Why use a brokerage service? 

Using a yacht broker makes selling simple, and currently our service takes away the traditional brokerage fees, leaving you to deal with the buyer directly.

With years of industry experience, we have the commitment to finding yachts and buyers from across Europe & the rest of the world. With Motoryachting, you are at the summit of a competitive market.

Selling your yacht through our user-friendly portal is easy. Simply fill in the details, attach some photos and let our team do the rest.

In no time at all your yacht details and asking price will be in the MotorYaching database and shared with a wide audience.

As a seller, it is also worth considering offering test sails in return for a better price.

Before you start

Make sure you have plenty of pictures and information so that people can see your yacht in multiple photos. This site works well on mobiles so if all your photos are on your mobile you can save yourself time transferring photos and simply use your phone to register and start listing your yacht details